Play the best golf course in Crivitz, Wisconsin


We know that you have questions concerning Hunter’s Glen Golf Club, and we have your answers. Although we’ve listed what we consider to be a helpful guide, we realize that we can’t cover it all in one page. Please remember that additional answers are an e-mail or phone call away, so feel free to contact us at 715-854-8008 or

Do I have to be a member to golf at Hunter’s Glen Golf Club?

No, Hunter’s Glen allows nonmembers to golf as well.

How do I get to Hunter’s Glen?

Please see our Location page for general or specific driving directions.

How far in advance can I make a reservation for a tee time?

Hunter’s Glen takes  reservations up to 14 days in advance.

Can I wear metal spikes?

No, metal spikes are banned.

Does Hunter’s Glen have a driving range?

Yes, Hunter’s Glen offers a full 35,000 square foot bentgrass practice tee with four driving greens.

Can I set up an outing for multiple people (i.e. a company or corporate event)?

Absolutely, simply call us at (715) 854-8008 for additional information.

Is a golf cart required or can I walk the course?

No, golf carts are not required, but are encouraged to keep up with pace of play.

I own my own golf cart, can I use it or store it at Hunter’s Glen?

Yes, you can use your own golf cart, but there is a trail fee. Outside cart storage is available for $195  per year.

I’m planning a trip to Northern Wisconsin or Crivitz, what else does Crivitz have to offer?

Please see for further information.